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Vlogmas 2020 ♡ Day 1

Sooo many years [and attempts…] later, I am BACK to try my hand at Vlogmas. Remember, that thing I did ages ago? And then my computer crashed and I had videos but just… never uploaded them. And then I got a special camera to try again and it failed. And then I was too busy. And then I was too sad. [In 2017 I literally filmed every day and I just never edited or uploaded anything. Story of my life. So many unfinished projects. I’m working on getting better at that!]

So, let’s just try this again.

I wasn’t really sure what I would be doing, at first I wanted to plan some things and then I figured… well, that’s just not what life is, right? We’ll just go day by day, and see what happens!

[I also said I wasn’t gonna edit much, and then I got a bit overboard, so I know, I know, it’s a bit late, but I think what counts is that I had fun doing it and being a few days late is arbitrary, right?]

I’m just happy that I feel confident and excited enough to try again. I’m very glad to see you along for the ride! Let’s have a fun time together, shall we?


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