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    instagram ♡ december 2013

    I thought it would be fun to share my instagram pictures in one place. I know it’s a bit image heavy because I took a trip to the Netherlands and Belgium and was really happy to be using instagram again, haha, so maybe that’s a sign I should do these posts a bit more often and a bit more staggered ^_^

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    Ash & Vief ♡ twinning!

    This post has probably been the most work I’ve put into something for no actual good reason other than I wanted to do it and it seemed fun. The idea certainly seemed a lot more fun before I had to trek through all my five hard disks in search of things, and in the mean time I also had the misfortune to discover that I’ve lost another month worth of photos [discovering that I have lost photos, to me, is quite upsetting.] – which happened to me before and really made me sad. But now that I’ve had a few moments to recover, I’m finally ready. I am here to…

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    Lolita 30 Day Challenge ♡ 01: 10 things about your Lolita bubble

    OKAY OKAY I know I haven’t been keeping up with the 52 Challenge but I will soon, I promise. It’s just that my friends on Facebook have all started to do the 30 Day Challenge and I once started it but never finished… so I thought, if I post here, maybe I’ll make myself finish it! Here goes! I did the first few days on my livejournal back in July 2011 – let’s see how much has changed! un ❤ old text: It was a very conscious decision to start wearing Lolita – but then again, it must have been like that for everyone? I got into Lolita through the FRUiTS book,…

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    Davey Havok Day ♡ 2013

    Thursday the 14th of February was a special day. I already posted about it the week before, but in case it slipped by: it was time for the annual DAVEY HAVOK DAY~! I started my day travelling back up North after spending 24 hours in London for the Kyary concert… And was happy to see a rainbow on the way! During the 4,5 hour trip, I drank a pink[ish] drink, and listened to ALL THE AFI on my iphone, which coincidentally spanned the whole bus trip! The track I was listening to when I took this picture is a b-side and it’s one of my favourite ones. When I arrived…

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    Publication in Marie Claire

    Hiii world! I have fun news! You can find me and some of my lolita friends in the September issue of Marie Claire magazine!! The magazine is reporting on the spring edition of Hyper Japan, which I visited with Ash earlier this year. I still have to write my own report, but it’s okay because apparently magazines also take months. Haha. At least now I feel a little more inspired to hurry up ;) Let’s take a look at the pages of the magazine! Page 90: Girls’  World “Performer Ruth and J-pop fan Lizzie at the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture” Page 91: Living Dolls “British girls obsessed with…

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    vief ♡ blog

    So. Here I am again! With a new blog. Yayayayay. But just in case you have no idea who I am or what happened: Hi! I’m Vief, I’m a girl who was born and raised in The Netherlands, moved to Belgium to study Photography, then moved to the United Kingdom to study Linguistics. Since 2007 I have been interested in Lolita Fashion. I love it! But more than just wearing cute clothes, I also love meeting up with friends, going to meet ups and events, and keeping in contact with lolitas all over the world. I haven’t been so active in the online community lately and I hope having a new…