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    vief ♡ 6%dokidoki perfect book!

    Let me introduce to you: the 6%dokidoki Perfect Book! It’s a mook [magazine-book] published by 6%dokidoki, of which I am a big fan. I got this thing ages ago and it’s hardly news anymore, but if you’re one of the people who hasn’t gotten this mook yet: get ittttt~!

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    Publication in Marie Claire

    Hiii world! I have fun news! You can find me and some of my lolita friends in the September issue of Marie Claire magazine!! The magazine is reporting on the spring edition of Hyper Japan, which I visited with Ash earlier this year. I still have to write my own report, but it’s okay because apparently magazines also take months. Haha. At least now I feel a little more inspired to hurry up ;) Let’s take a look at the pages of the magazine! Page 90: Girls’  World “Performer Ruth and J-pop fan Lizzie at the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture” Page 91: Living Dolls “British girls obsessed with…