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    SocieTEA ♡ TEAley Run!

    SocieTEA visits LS6 [Photo by Fuko] On the last Friday of term, SocieTEA did a Tealey Run. We got the name because the Otley Run is a popular pubcrawl in the Leeds area, but we’ve modified it to be much, much better. This was our second time organising such an event and it was great! We were with quite a diverse group and we visited four places all across Leeds where we enjoyed different types of tea and food. We started at LS6, which has a lovely choice of loose teas in pots which is always a good start.

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    pma ♡ things that make me smile

    It’s a little late, but… I like to remember my life by making a list of things that make me smile. Here’s an overview of my February 2013: [Note: yes, some of these photos might be familiar if you’ve read my blog posts! But they were part of my month :P so they are part of my list.]

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    Lolitas of Leeds ♡ february meet up

    On february 16th, our lovely Sophie organised a meet up for the lolitas of Leeds with cute crafting and yummy food. The first half of the meet was walking around Leeds with photographers and as a result of that, there are some pretty photos of the gorgeous girls of our community… However, since I wasn’t there for that part I can’t report on it. I joined the group when they were inside the Leeds public library and just about to start crafting.

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    Lolita 30 Day Challenge ♡ 04: What are the 10 foods that you love as much as Lolita?

    I don’t really like this question because it has very little to do with Lolita?!?! But fine, here it goes. Also I’m gonna cheat because I love way too many sorts of food! 하나  Soy yoghurt. Aka Yofu. I have been eating this religiously even before I went vegan. For me, it’s like Davey[ref]Also known as that guy from AFI. Read here.[/ref] came down from the States and was like “Here, my children, this will be the best food: it will be tasty and it will be good for you”. But the good thing is you can eat it whenever. I mean, I basically eat it whenever. I eat it for…

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    Lolita 30 Day Challenge ♡ 02: 10 things you love in Lolita

    een  I love the escapism. Dressing outside of the norm is a form of escaping the dreary ‘normal’ contemporary society, and having meet ups is a form of escaping mundane life. Tied with this is the historical part of Lolita, e.g. wearing Classic or visiting special locations. I never wish I could’ve been born in earlier eras, I always wish that people from this era just put as much effort in their appearance/lifestyle. I love hoopskirts and corsets and bloomers and pettis and lace and colours. But of course because it’s actually reality, that is the best. ;) twee   The feelings you get…When finally finding something you’ve been hunting for years. When wearing your dream dress.…

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    Lolita 30 Day Challenge ♡ 01: 10 things about your Lolita bubble

    OKAY OKAY I know I haven’t been keeping up with the 52 Challenge but I will soon, I promise. It’s just that my friends on Facebook have all started to do the 30 Day Challenge and I once started it but never finished… so I thought, if I post here, maybe I’ll make myself finish it! Here goes! I did the first few days on my livejournal back in July 2011 – let’s see how much has changed! un ❤ old text: It was a very conscious decision to start wearing Lolita – but then again, it must have been like that for everyone? I got into Lolita through the FRUiTS book,…

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    Davey Havok Day ♡ 2013

    Thursday the 14th of February was a special day. I already posted about it the week before, but in case it slipped by: it was time for the annual DAVEY HAVOK DAY~! I started my day travelling back up North after spending 24 hours in London for the Kyary concert… And was happy to see a rainbow on the way! During the 4,5 hour trip, I drank a pink[ish] drink, and listened to ALL THE AFI on my iphone, which coincidentally spanned the whole bus trip! The track I was listening to when I took this picture is a b-side and it’s one of my favourite ones. When I arrived…

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    vief ♡ Davey Havok Day!

    The 14th of February will be upon us in a bit, and since that’s always a very special day, I thought I would write about it to let the world know! Rules of Davey Havok Day: Wear pink Listen to Davey Drink pink bubbly stuff (non-alcoholic! of course) Eat [pink] vegan cupcakes Hug your friends Post pictures of Davey on your blogs (optional) I can hear you think: WHO is Davey? and WHY pink? and why can’t I get drunk off my face?! First of all, Davey is the lead singer for AFI, as is explained here. Why you can’t get drunk is because Davey is straight edge – you should…