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I know, it’s been a while since I posted and I have a looot to catch up on. Soon, soon, I promise!

But right now, I want to take a little break and share some of my favourite poetry videos I have found on YouTube and grown to love. I’ve always loved poetry, but for some reason I really enjoy English language poetry. Of course there are a few Dutch language ones I love, but there are many more English ones. I prefer poetry more when it is performed than when it is analysed on a page. (Even if I don’t hate doing that, necessarily! Reading can be great!) Of course, when the authors are far away, or dead, the written form is all that’s left. But it is when you hear a poem, that you truly feel it. At least, that’s what I’ve always believed. Too bad the cases where I got to hear poetry performed live were very rare.

A few years ago I came across spoken word and slam poetry shared on YouTube and it made my day! The beauty of the Internet and modern technology.

Sometimes, when I feel in the mood, I search for new videos to hear gorgeous voices perform powerful, beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, poetry. So today, I came to share some of my favourite ones on my blog. Because I found a new poet I wanted to share. Because these voices deserve to be heard. Because everyone all over the earth deserves to be told that they are beautiful. I am not posting quotes because these poems are so much better if you experience them as you go. I promise it’s worth it.

B by Sarah Kay

To see the entire TED talk that Sarah did, go here.

This was the poem that introduced me to Sarah Kay. I think she’s simply amazing. [I encourage you to listen to the whole TED talk! It’s very inspiring and at the end there’s another beautiful poem.]

When Love Arrives by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

This is probably my favourite. I love how the two of them work together to tell the story. I love how it flows so beautifully. I love how I’ve listened to it over and over and over again and it still hits me right in my heart, every single time.

Also check out Hands by Sarah and Teeth by Phil.

Ten Responses to the Phrase “Man Up”  by Guante

I’d also like to share this amazing piece that L showed me once. If you would like to read a little more about it and find the words to it you can go here.

First Week of a Break-Up by Rafael Casal

I just found Rafael’s work yesterday, and felt very touched. He has a real talent and even though he speaks fast sometimes, his performances are so powerful. There’s rhythm and flow and punches that you wouldn’t necessarily hear if you would just read this on a page.

Barbie and Ken 101 by Rafael Casal

Also check out the longer, but magnificent, Ego. It is a very ‘rough’ video but worth listening if you liked the above two.

I hope you enjoyed the works I shared. If you want more, Guante has a nice list of spoken word videos that he recommends here, and I also suggest checking out the channel SpokenPoetryTV.

Do you have any favourite poems or poets that you would like to share?


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