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SocieTEA ♡ TEAley Run!

photo by Fuko

SocieTEA visits LS6 [Photo by Fuko]

On the last Friday of term, SocieTEA did a Tealey Run. We got the name because the Otley Run is a popular pubcrawl in the Leeds area, but we’ve modified it to be much, much better. This was our second time organising such an event and it was great! We were with quite a diverse group and we visited four places all across Leeds where we enjoyed different types of tea and food. We started at LS6, which has a lovely choice of loose teas in pots which is always a good start.

SocieTEA ♡ TEAley Run 2!

SocieTEA ♡ TEAley Run 2!

I had a fresh mint tea, yumm

photo by Fuko

Tealey Run stop two: Oranaise [Photo by Fuko]

After LS6 we went to Oranaise, which serves delicious Moroccan tea and food. We spent a little while there, because the food was so good! I had a falafel wrap. Too bad they had ran out of the tea I initially ordered, so I just had a fruit tea. But Julia made me taste her special Moroccan tea that was delicious.

SocieTEA ♡ TEAley Run 2!

SocieTEA ♡ TEAley Run 2!

Oranaise has a nice decor and lots of pretty things for sale. We were with quite a group, so we had to split up between two tables.

photo by Fuko

Tealey Run: Oranaise [Photo by Fuko]

We also visited a new awesome place! It’s called Mrs Atha’s [facebook] and it was decided that it was the best place of the day, and I really do recommend it to everyone visiting Leeds. I really really have to go back there soon!

SocieTEA ♡ TEAley Run 2!

Mrs Atha’s really swept us all away. The decor is lovely, the cups, saucers, plates and cutlery simply to die for and the staff is knowledgable and super friendly!

They serve the tea in little pots [fun fact: anywhere we’d been that day and gotten pots, we made the places run out of pots and cups, haha!] and they hand you a timer so you know when the tea is done brewing. Then you can take out the leaves and enjoy your pot at the right temperature and flavour. I had a herbal tea and those don’t need to be timed, but I think it’s really nice to have a place serve tea in a ‘proper’ fashion. Some of the others got cake or chocolate and were very positive about this too!

SocieTEA ♡ TEAley Run 2!

We ended the day at Little Tokyo [website], where the green tea is free and the tempura is delicious. It’s also really dark, so I didn’t get any pictures. The good thing is that Little Tokyo and Mrs Atha’s are right next to each other, so it was a perfect ending to our joyous day. We were warm and full of tea and after we ate our food we finally said our goodbyes.

Hopefully one day I’ll recreate this little trip and write more and take better pictures. For now, I’ll just end this post saying that the reason I wore my bonnet was because my friend Jo, who is both a Leeds lolita and a member of SocieTEA, had recently gotten a bonnet but no occasion to wear it. I said she should wear it on our tea outing and that I would wear mine! And so we braved the strong winds and scary birds of Leeds. Too bad we didn’t get a picture together… :( It was nice to wear it though, it had been since September since I last wore a bonnet! And Jo’s black bonnet is so lovely, it made me greedy for more. ;)

It made me really happy to see such a diverse group and have some new faces join us as well. Because the trip took us across all of Leeds, some people left early or joined late and there are no pictures of the whole group. :( But thanks to Fuko for her photos! And thanks to everyone for coming and a special shoutout for all the lovely dresses everyone was wearing! Made me happy, haha.

All in all, I think the Tealey Run is a really fun thing to do and I think most agree, so we’ll keep doing this in the future!


Outfit rundown:

Bonnet, skirt: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Bolero: Innocent World

This was part of a weekend where I wore Lolita coordinates three days in a row, so stay tuned for more! o (◡‿◡✿)

x’s and o’s!


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