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Lolita 52 Challenge ♡ 03 & 04

What’s in my closet, but I haven’t worn yet!

This is a hard one, because I don’t really own many Lolita things I haven’t worn yet. Mostly when you have things you haven’t worn yet, it’s because they’re new… but I haven’t bought anything in a while and even so, most of the times when I buy something, I wear it in the following days! I think the only brand items that I haven’t really worn ‘out’ yet, are pairs of socks [boring] and one top [also boring]. So I found two items that aren’t necessarily Lolita, but are two pieces I’ve owned for a while that are a little more ‘special’ and I haven’t worn yet. Ever.


First is this jacket that I got from the Divided Black collection of H&M when I still worked there. One of the perks of working during the sale was that we got to browse and buy early! :D You can see the tag, it’s the sign I haven’t worn it ever, and I stopped working at H&M in 2011. Oops.


This particular jacket is really gorgeous, it has amazing detail, gorgeous fabric, buttons and fit… The reason it was in the sale, however, is that nobody bought it. Why did nobody buy it? Because the original price was something like €99,99. CRAZY! So nobody bought it for ages and ages, and then it was in the sale for something like €20 or so and I snagged it. It fits awesomely but I just don’t have any idea what to wear it with! I also feel vaguely weird when I wear jackets. I wear cardigans and hoodies but fitted jackets are rare in my life.


These shoes, as you can see, are kept with the little tag as well, and in their box. What can I say? I love the box!


I didn’t buy these in the sale, but they were reasonably priced anyway… I’ve worn them around in my house, but I’ve been too scared to walk outside. For one, because it’s pretty awkward for me to walk in peep toe shoes [they’re just not really my friend]. Secondly, where I used to live in Belgium there are many many cobblestones and I didn’t want to ruin these beauties! And now I live in a place with hills and I hardly wear heels anymore period! :( Sad face.

The other reason I haven’t really worn them is because I don’t have many clothes that I feel they go really well with. I tried a few times, but then there was just something that made me change my mind.

How I get out of a wardrobe slump

The funny thing is I sort of just did that, after being really bored and annoyed with all my dresses over a pretty long period of time, last month I suddenly found the flame again. I think the fact that spring is coming helping… But in all reality what helped the most was to take moment, look at inspiration and think of new ways to wear old things! For example, I had to think of a coordinate for a meetup. Now, in previous years, picking an outfit was relatively made easy because I would just think of things I hadn’t worn yet. This wasn’t the case [see above] so I forced myself to be a little creative! I didn’t want to just throw something on and call it a day, I wanted to look nice for this meetup. So I had to force myself out of my slump.

The result was that I wore a dress that I’d worn a few times before, but in a different way. It made me look at it a little bit different, it made me appreciate it again. And the fact that I had a ridiculously fun time helped so much, too!

I usually try to find my passion back by looking at inspiration. Being in awe of other people’s outfits was what got me into Lolita in the first place! And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you go out! This time, I went back to look at older pictures and remind myself of what I loved about Lolita and outfit snaps so much… So I’ve set myself a little challenge to be creative with my old pieces and see if I can love my wardrobe again. :D

Of course the easy way is to buy new things, but, I didn’t want to go to that for the answer. Just setting myself a reason to dress up [Davey Day, our anniversary, meets, something else…] is the most productive way, I think. Then I put effort into it and it makes me love the outfit more. But of course getting out of a slump means I get inspired to get new things. :P Hahaha.

x’s and o’s!

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  • Damiën

    The jacket and shoes are awesome, I hope you will be able to wear them soon! Especially the shoes, since they are so pretty and I like the colors ♥

    • Vief

      ♡ I’ll post about it if I do it, haha. I really genuinely like these things, so I want to make it special you know? SO HARD :o

  • ikbenirisniet

    Wauw, mooi! Ik vind vooral de schoenen heul mooi. Ook al zou ik ze zelf nooit dragen hoor, maar ze zouden gewoon alleen al leuk staan in m’n kast :p (Met die redenatie koop ik wel vaker schoenen, dom dom)

    • Vief

      Thanks! ♡ Haha, ja, zo heb ik nog wel een aantal paar schoenen die ik nooit draag inderdaad. Niet wegdoen omdat ze mooi zijn. Maar deze rùiken ook heel erg lekker. ;) Dus dan is het extra leuk om uit de kast te halen.

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