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Lolita 30 Day Challenge ♡ 05 : A picture of yourself before Lolita came into your life

Hmmm… I had been introduced to Lolita around 2005, but didn’t start wearing it properly until late 2007. So have some photos of me around the summer of leaving secondary school and before ‘updating’ my style, haha.


June 2007 – I had my mohawk without side bangs.


July 2007 – It was pretty tall!


May 2007 – but most of the time I wore it down

032 127

June / July 2007 – I wore headbands and bandanas and tshirts


February 2007 – and sometimes wings


March 2007 – my ‘style’ involved layers and patterns [and already lots of love for shades of green] sorry for the weird picture but I just don’t have many ‘outfit’ pictures from that time?! haha.


April 2007 – although I do have pictures of my crazy face and crazy things on my head…


April 2007 – I didn’t wear much makeup, but when I did, it was mostly eyeliner and mascara


bonus picture of October 2006 – cupcakes! I drew my x’s on every day and wore a lot of bracelets.

x’s and o’s!

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