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Lolita 30 Day Challenge ♡ 04: What are the 10 foods that you love as much as Lolita?

I don’t really like this question because it has very little to do with Lolita?!?! But fine, here it goes. Also I’m gonna cheat because I love way too many sorts of food!

하나  Soy yoghurt. Aka Yofu. I have been eating this religiously even before I went vegan. For me, it’s like Davey[ref]Also known as that guy from AFI. Read here.[/ref] came down from the States and was like “Here, my children, this will be the best food: it will be tasty and it will be good for you”. But the good thing is you can eat it whenever. I mean, I basically eat it whenever. I eat it for breakfast, with cereal or bits of fruit and cinnamon. Or if for some reason you’re not eating Yofu for breakfast, you can eat it for lunch. If you’re feeling very lazy it evens works as dinner. Of course you can eat it as a dessert. It’s very useful when you do vegan baking. It’s great in smoothies. It’s just, well, it’s the best, period.  ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

Here is a picture from the better times when it was still officially called Yofu and I lived in the Netherlands where the big pots of flavoured Yofu were sold and I once had a nice Yofu and boardgames party. We built a tower of Yofu pots. Aaaah, the good old times.


I now live in a country where the big pots are only always ‘plain’ flavoured, but whatever – I STILL EAT IT SEVEN DAYS A WEEK AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME.

둘  VEGAN PIZZA. This doesn’t need an explanation. (。‿。)


How to eat pizza: Vief style.

 I really really love muffins. Here, have another really old photo. Warm apple cinnamon muffins for brunch… (✿ ‿)


Muffins are better than cupcakes because they don’t need as much sugar and you can eat them for breakfast and not feel as guilty about it and also, they’re bigger.

 My favourite green vegetables: avocado, broccoli, courgette, spinach. I don’t really dislike many vegetables but broccoli, avocado and courgette have to be my top three.
My favourite fruits are raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, banana, mango, apple, kiwi, peach and nectarine. Oh and pomegranate. I’m not a big pear fan. Fruits tie in with Lolita because YAY PRINTS! haha.


Avocado, sweet potato and chips? WHY YES PLEASE  (´ ▽`).。o♡

다섯  Things made from potatoes: chips/frietjes, crisps, mash, jacket potato, baked potatoes… I know they’re not the best for you but they’re so freaking delicious…

여섯  Something to do with Lolita for once: cupcakes!

Davey Havok Day ♡ 2013

I prefer homemade over store bought ones. The thing with cupcakes is that they always look awesome but they don’t always taste awesome and this has everything to do with how well baked [sometimes they’re just not ready yet and it tastes awful] the cakes are, and how ‘buttery’ or ‘sugary’ the cream topping. To get it all right is quite a task. That said, my bestie makes the best vegan cupcakes in the world. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ {110822} Home made cupcakes are always the best! :)

일곱  Hummus and falafel. Not necessarily at the same time, but it’s a freaking good combo.

{120605} Who loves hummus sandwiches? WE DOOOOO!! Falafelmenu jeweettoch!

여덟  DESSERTS! Like Yofu, icecream, fruit, cake, or mochi. I need to learn how to make mochi because it’s delicious. I used to also really love duizendgatenflensjes.

{111230} I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine. {111227} OH YEAHHHHH

And very importantly, something that I wish I had at my doorstep in vegan form: frozen yoghurt. I was so happy when I finally had this, and I had to have it again and again and again. It’s like a little party of epic things happening. Frozen yoghurt has this really specific taste, and then you put toppings on top, and it’s so much better than icecream… Ugh. Just thinking about it. :P

Can I marry you and keep you forever? (:

아홉  Rice. And rice noodles. And spring rolls wrapped in rice flour. And rice pudding. Rice is pretty awesome, hey.

열  Pancakes! They’re so much fun to make, with every new one there’s the chance to create your own little variation. Plus, most of the time when I eat pancakes it’s for special occasions and with great company so that makes it instantly awesome, even if some of them fail [obligatory] or they take quite a while. It’s not a fast food but that’s kind of the point! Pancake parties are the best parties.


I would say chocolate but I’m apparently allergic to the one kind of chocolate I can eat [dark] so while I really do love it, it’s not on my ‘official’ list :P

The best food to eat with your tea: stroopwafels. This delicious Dutch waffle thing comes in various ways, with butter or things like hazelnut or honey instead of plain syrup… Don’t worry, vegan stroopwafels exist! Which should be the default, of course. The combo of stroopwafels and tea is especially the best. Nothing to pick you up after a long day or during rainy weather or just whenever you feel like it. Brew a good cuppa, let your stroopwafel melt, put feet up!

{120331} this is how we do! {120601} YES WE CAN STILL DO IT HOW WE DO! With them vegan stroopwafels. Also excuse me I have a *lot* to catch up on.

Another honourable mention is lasagna. I love lasagna a LOT. When I was young, my mother used to call me Garfield because it was my favourite food. I don’t make it myself very often because of all the work that goes into it (ノД`)・゜・。

Who doesn’t love burgers? But they have to be just perfect, kind of like cupcakes.

 {120605} Birthday burgers. Soooooo tasty! Thanks again <3 {110826} Diner Paris :) {111203} No okay *this* might be the best vegi burger

Last but not least are bagels. They’re just so versatile! I could go on and on about the different types of bagels and different things to eat them with, but I’ll just stop now. Haha.

{110723} (: The options! Soymilk?! Green tea and White chocolate?! What?! But my tomato bagel was yummy.

x’s and o’s!


  • Verity Townsend

    Love this post but now I feel hungry! I spend a lot of time cooking because 1. I like it and 2. the Japanese countryside is not always the easiest place to eat out vegetarian. Any chance you have a recipe for the cupcakes? They look amazing! I used to eat Alpro soya yoghurt a lot as a child but I had no idea it was called Yofu in the Netherlands.

    • Vief

      Thanks for your comment! And I know, for the brief time I spent in Japan I had quite a bit of trouble finding something vegetarian when eating out. Luckily Happy Cow exists, and cooking yourself indeed fixes everything! I tried to find the recipe for the cupcakes again but failed, I’ll send it to you if I find it again!

  • Angélica

    Hahaha elke keer als ik iemand eh iemand ‘lobster’ zie noemen dan moet ik aan Stannis denkennnn (Game Of Thrones? DAMN ONTD/Tumblr haha)

    En ik heb net gegeten maar IK HEB WEER TREK ALS IK DIT ZIE OMG. Die cupcakes/muffins/whatevers! Nohhh!

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