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Lolita 30 Day Challenge ♡ 03: 10 things you hate about Lolita

einn  DRAMAAAAAAA! Online, real life, old, new, warranted, unwarranted… It’s tiring.

tveir  Having to go to the toilet when not at home, and worse, when on periods. Hate it so much! [I kind of hate this regardless of what I wear, but, whatever.]

þrír  When things don’t want to stay where they need to be. Aka wigs sliding off, socks going down, eyelashes coming loose, bla bla bla.

fjórir  Unnecessary strictness on some parts, and lack of creativity. It’s a street fashion. Not a contest. Have fun! Online it’s certainly not a trend to be very experimental… and that’s a pity.

fimm  HEAT. I can take cold, but when it’s too hot… T_T;;

sex  The amount of time it takes to make myself look presentable :P Haha. Sometimes I like putting in a lot of time and effort… other times, not so much. [And then I see photos and regret all my decisions later. Fun!]

sjö  The battles for items… why are there so little of everything? Seems like there are so many popular things that a lot of us want, and only a few get them. Makes me sad!

átta  Obviously the price tag. And issues with customs. Oh customs, I HATE YOU SO MUCH! also waiting for packages to arrive. No thank you.

níu  Negative attention and the unwarranted ‘harassment’ kind of stuff. From outsiders and insiders alike, it’s not nice. Wish that could stop already.

tíu  The work that goes into washing things. With this comes the fear you sometimes feel when wearing something out in the world. Aaahhhh. Stay away from food, drinks, other people, basically just don’t move around, if you want to be safe. Fun fact: I’ve probably fallen on my face in Loli more often than I’ve spilled things. What is with impractical shoes, cobble stones and rain?! Deadly! Ending up with blood on my brand is so much fun, hurrah. Sigh.


  • Damiën

    Number 7: This! They should make more items of certain things, I don’t like it when a item is so populair, and not everybody is able to buy it because they didn’t make more of it :(

    And socks going down or eyelashes coming loose, very annoying! haha :p

    • Vief

      They really, really should. Or at least in reserves, allow everyone to reserve what they want and none of this only one of each colour blabla. It’s really annoying especially if you want to twin the exact thing because you can’t ever buy from the same shop/use the same shopping service and the chance of not getting items at all is just so high!
      [e.g. when Annso and I bought Milky Planet, we used the same shopping service so we couldn’t get the same style, I had OP and she had JSK, and we could only get one headbow in the colour because they won’t let you buy two. So then you have to go on another hunt for a headbow and it’s just ridiculous. They never have enough!!]

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