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Lolita 30 Day Challenge ♡ 02: 10 things you love in Lolita

een  I love the escapism. Dressing outside of the norm is a form of escaping the dreary ‘normal’ contemporary society, and having meet ups is a form of escaping mundane life. Tied with this is the historical part of Lolita, e.g. wearing Classic or visiting special locations. I never wish I could’ve been born in earlier eras, I always wish that people from this era just put as much effort in their appearance/lifestyle. I love hoopskirts and corsets and bloomers and pettis and lace and colours. But of course because it’s actually reality, that is the best. ;)

twee   The feelings you get…When finally finding something you’ve been hunting for years. When wearing your dream dress. Getting a package in the mail and there are no customs fees.

drie  For obvious reasons I love prints because it enables me to express my fangirling over certain stupid things like apples and rainbows and unicorns! Hurrah. Wearing art is fun!

vier  I already said this, but… meeting friends all over the world! It’s super fun. I’m so grateful for having so many friends! I love being friends with a lot of different individuals and being connected through this special thing that we love. But to make it more specific: meet ups, events, tea parties… all those extra-special occasions, yes please! LOVE IT.

vijf  Is actually secretly my number one. Twinning. :D I love it so much – as if nobody had noticed that yet xD but I also really love doing multiples, like with Milky Planet and Puppet Circus!

army of puppet circus!

zes  I love putting together outfits, and Lolita really has taught me that. It’s so much fun to do in Lolita, obsess over an event months in advance and try and make the most epic thing ever. Like a little artwork. Sometimes I wish I could be a visual merchandiser [the people who dress up mannequins or style shop windows] or personal stylist, I could literally piece outfits together allllll dayyyy.

zeven  As much as I go through hair woes, Lolita has the solution: wigs! Long hair, green hair, brown hair with curls.. it takes three seconds and voila!

acht  Jumping. There’s just something magical about jumping in Lolita – floating like a balloon ;) Mid-jump photos obligatory.

☆ Lolita in the woods ☆

negen  Putting as much crap as I can find on my head and everybody thinking it’s a good idea. Why yes, yes it is. Also other accessories, bags, and oh yeah, socks. ♡

tien  I love having found a place where I belong; feeling very confident and like I’m actually myself. I took so long trying to find my spot and never getting it quite right in other styles, never being accepted and never feeling quite comfortable. Now, I feel comfortable. And it’s amazing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Honorable mention because everybody else said it too: the sense of freedom when you take off all the layers and the wigs and the poof. :D


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