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Here are some links of blogs I read and other places I go. If you think I should check out your blog, let me know! I love finding out about new things! ^_^

blogs I follow

The places are just to show how diverse our lovely blog-community is ^_^ I follow mostly blogs that are written in English – if a blog is not in English, I will specify.

Lolita blogs

other lovely blogs

Alanah (AU)
Anastassia (FR)
Chrissii (UK)
Damien (NL)
Emma (UK)
F Yeah Lolita! (US)
Hannah (UK)
Jo (PT)
Kitch (BE)
Lunie (BE)
Marina (FR)
Mila (FR)
Rosalynn (NL)
Roxie (UK)
Shannie Bee (US)
Tralala (JP/DE)
Vânia (PT)
Angélica (NL)
Annika (NL)
Bracket (UK)
Gemma (UK)
Kailey (US)
Maaike (NL)
Marlou (NL)
Pony People (NL)
Shrinkle (US)
Yasmin (NL)



Angelic Pretty – my favourite Sweet Lolita brand. They have an English online shop that ships overseas.
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright – Sweet Lolita brand. English online shop available, ships overseas.
Closet Child – enter at your own risk ;) a secondhand shop for Harajuku fashion, including many Lolita brands!
Innocent World – one of my favourite Classic Lolita brands. Has English site, ships overseas.
maniaQ – Fairy Kei brand, they ship worldwide.
Metamorphose – another Sweet Lolita brand, excellent English online shop


e.l.f. – (eyes lips face) vegan friendly and cheap (!!!) cosmetics
Lush – they do (vegan available) cosmetics that smell amazing
Purrfect Pineapples – gorgeously handcrafted (vegan) lingerie. I’m in loooove!
Sugarpill – gorgeous (vegan available!) makeup by Shrinkle

Piercings and jewelry

tribu london – I’ve got two septum piercings from them, I definitely recommend

Accessories and stuffs

Now, Voyager – super amazing hair accessories from lovely UK ladies!
Roxie Sweetheart – handmade jewellery from another lovely UK lady
Sick for cute – cute t-shirts and things

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