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Wow, it seems so long ago now,  but here’s some photos of when it was March and it was still SNOWING and I was getting really annoyed at the never ending snow! I had a WEEK OF TERROR of deadlines and deadlines and more deadlines, even some creeping into our month-long Easter holiday, so when I was done with my horrible horrible essays and things, we took a little trek into downtown Leeds to check out the newly opened Trinity shopping centre thing.

But first here’s the big box of tea we got for SocieTEA. Thanks, Yogi tea!

View of the park near my house. COLD and GREY.

OFF TO TRINITY WE GOOOOO! it better be warmer and brighter in there!

☆ Don’t know what penguins have to do with shopping, but they are quite cute…



Disney LEGO! (。♥‿♥。) I mean Duplo. I mean LOOK AT FLOUNDER



Too bad it’s not a unicorn but I approve anyway.

☆My first outing in this wig. IT IS LONG. And it has a LOT of hair!! [Sidenote, yeap, I was in H&M trying on some things, haha.]



☆ More sparkly things!

My verdict? I think Trinity is nice – as far as shopping malls go. When we went this day we had only a little bit of time, so we were in a rush and it was cold, snowy and dark. But when I went back during the daytime on a different day, it was actually quite nice. I am beginning to understand why they call Leeds the ‘city of shopping’ because you truly wouldn’t have enough hours in the day to go through all the shops and places Leeds has to offer now! And there are still a lot of things that have yet to open.

I like the architecture within the place, it’s really well done. I wouldn’t be able to describe it in text, so I won’t, but those who get to visit, you’ll see what I mean. The mall also has a cinema, some restaurants and just, yeah, a loooot of shops! Oh, and we finally have a real Apple store! So that’s exciting.

I don’t know why I would be reviewing a place that’s so obviously going for the big ‘high street’ things in it. I mean, there’s Hollister and Urban Outfitters and soon it’ll have Primark and Victoria’s Secret. There’s lots of little food places that won’t cater to vegans, anyway. Why do I care?
Yeah, actually, you know what? Leeds has a lot of cool, cute, unique and more independently and individually minded places you should check out if you came for a visit. Sure, it’s nice to finally have an Apple store but if you want a nice day of shopping and seeing things you never find otherwise, do you really want to spend an hour in another H&M?

No. So there are a lot of different and much nicer shops for you to check out! That’s my advice. So Trinity is quite nice now that it’s open and locals will enjoy it, but it really has all the things that other cities also have, and none of the stuff that I want that other cities have. [cough Forever 21 cough Disney Store cough]




I actually really love the view from these streets. The melting snow was nice to photograph, but horrible to walk in.



10 thoughts on “vief ♡ life in Leeds

    1. Ja hè?! En toch weer niet, want na drie dagen super mooi weer hebben we nu weer een week met regen, regen, regen. Ah, Leeds… Such bipolar weather! xD

  1. That’s a beautiful shopping mall. I like the architecture. Cool that there was a entire store dedicated to Lego. I’ve never seen that before.

    I just love the view of the street with brick houses. It looks so very British!

    1. I should go back and take better pictures of the architecture haha, it’s quite fascinating.
      And yesss! ♡ One of my favourite views of Leeds! Very, very British indeed.

  2. Waaah super schattige blog heb jij c: *VOLG*
    En ik wist niet dat Leeds nog zo koud is De
    foto met die huisjes is prachtig Ik heb
    trouwens een winactie ter waarde van €50! XX


    1. Awww, thanks for je lieve comment! ♡ Jij hebt ook een schattige blog!
      Leeds is niet meer zo koud hoor, tenminste, het sneeuwt niet meer! haha. Dit is nog van Maart omdat ik examens had en nu aan het inhalen ben. Maar het is nu nog steeds soms wel grijs en regenachtig, boooo.

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