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Lolitas of Leeds ♡ J-Pop GO!

I say lolitas of Leeds… but my other friends were there too! On Saturday March 16th, there was a special J-Pop and K-Pop night in one of the clubs of Leeds University Union, called Mine, and this event was called J-Pop GO! and is apparently organised in different places at different times [website]. When it finally came to Leeds, this promised to be a fun event because all the lolitas agreed to dress up and of course the music would be to our taste [not like at other club events where it’s just Top 40 blabla].

HOWEVER, I have to say that this night was organised in a bit of a fail-tastic moment. It was after the last day of term, meaning that a lot of students had already packed up and left Leeds. [Like my friend Julia, who left for Japan! grrr jealous (︶︹︺)] Then it was also on the same night as Wendy House, which meant that a lot of alternative people who might be into J-Pop/K-Pop would be going to their regular fix of the biggest alternative night of the month. Lastly, another big event happening that day was the Alt Ball, which again, attracted people who might have liked this event. All in all, tough competition.

Which meant to the following: there were not very many people there. A total shame, because it was fun. But the dancefloor was pretty sad looking at some points in the night and we left early because everyone else left early. Haha. Oh well. It wasn’t for the lack of trying by the DJs cause they played really good music and had fun videos on the screen and there was a nice general atmosphere. They even played this non-Japanese or Korean song we requested, which is a song about Lolita.

I will never forget some of the moments of the night, one of them being Gina singing along to this song word for word. :D Another thing that was fun was when we reenacted the Power Rangers.


Try one. [Photo by Gina]


Try two! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ[Photo by Gina]

gina03 gina04

Gina and Sophie in their ‘power’ poses… [Photos by Gina]

gina05 gina06

Myself and Jo and our poses… which aren’t as impressive as the others, haha. [Photos by Gina]

I have to take a moment here and mention that I walked in the rain, and so my wig and my dress got wet. :( It was my first time wearing that dress and it made me a bit unhappy that it got wet, but luckily it survived and nothing bad happened for the rest of the night either. I guess in a sense we were lucky that it wasn’t a full dance floor, one never knows what might happen in a room full of [drunken?] people. I don’t really have a problem going dancing in Lolita but I don’t like when people get too close, or what if someone spills a drink… Ah well, none of that this night so all was well.

Lolitas of Leeds ♡ J-Pop GO

Sophie taking a picture of her drink – which apparently was hilarious.

Lolitas of Leeds ♡ J-Pop GO

Our group! I DON’T HAVE A FACE.

Lolitas of Leeds ♡ J-Pop GO

Michaela & Sophie

Lolitas of Leeds ♡ J-Pop GO
Lolitas of Leeds ♡ J-Pop GO

A game called: swish your petticoat!  ♪(┌・。・)┌

Lolitas of Leeds ♡ J-Pop GO

Resident Goth face + resident PINK face

Lolitas of Leeds ♡ J-Pop GO

And resident DERP face. (ノдヽ)


I love this photo, Sophie attempts a photobomb and ends up being adorable! [Photo by Gina]

Lolitas of Leeds ♡ J-Pop GO

Wow this dancefloor is soooo crowded, damn you guys.


More dance floor impressions. [Photo by Gina]


CHARMING!FACE. I love how they both just look at me like “?!?!” [Photo by Gina]


The lovely SocieTEA commitTEA and resident octopus. [Photo by Gina]

Lolitas of Leeds ♡ J-Pop GO

Photo I took, sorry guys! (//・_・//)

Lolitas of Leeds ♡ J-Pop GO

Michaela & myself, for once she’s not towering over me, haha.


From the other angle it is easier to examine how much she has to bend her knees hahaha. ^_^ [Photo by Gina]


Gangnam style! [Photo by Gina]

At some point in the night there was an attempt at a conga line, there was Nyan cat, some more Kyary songs, an attempt at video [it’s too dark so I’m not uploading it] and slowly but surely everyone disappeared homewards. We debated making an appearance at Wendy House for a short time, but as we had to get up early for the meet the next day, decided against it and went to our beds…   (´〜`*) zzz


I just like how Sophie looks super cute in this photo. And all the swishy petticoats. (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 [Photo by Gina]


Cutsew, JSK, headbow, socks, wristcuffs, bunny bracelet, necklace: Angelic Pretty

All the rest: off brand, but I didn’t really have detailed pictures soooo yeah

Aaaand, that’s it! x’s and o’s!


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