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vief ♡ Davey Havok Day!

The 14th of February will be upon us in a bit, and since that’s always a very special day, I thought I would write about it to let the world know!

Rules of Davey Havok Day:

  1. Wear pink
  2. Listen to Davey
  3. Drink pink bubbly stuff (non-alcoholic! of course)
  4. Eat [pink] vegan cupcakes
  5. Hug your friends
  6. Post pictures of Davey on your blogs (optional)

I can hear you think: WHO is Davey? and WHY pink? and why can’t I get drunk off my face?!

First of all, Davey is the lead singer for AFI, as is explained here. Why you can’t get drunk is because Davey is straight edge – you should honour that. And the reason for all the pink things is going to be clear to you in a little bit. ;)

Let me tell you the story of how Davey Havok Day (or Davey Day, or DXH Day) began:

‘Twas the night before V-day, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The girls were watching MTV icon with care,
In hopes that good music soon would be there;

Okaaaay, not really like that. Here’s the real story:
Once upon a time, a billion years ago – when we were still secondary school students -, my friend J-M and I were watching MTV and waiting for Blink-182 to appear on MTV Icon for The Cure. The story goes that after Blink, AFI performed. Now, I wasn’t a big fan of AFI at the time, but then after this performance, everything changed. FOREVER.

J-M and I were completely blown away by the amazing performance, and mostly by Davey just being fabulous. The pink eyeshadow, the pink and black top, his wonderful hair… ;)

The next day, we were hanging around our local shopping street before going to the dance at our school that night. We were pretty bored and annoyed with V-day [because V-day is stupid] but we noticed a lot of hot pink and black items in the shops. We joked that we should ban V-day and instead just send all the pink items to Davey, in honour of him being so fabulous. Oh, and because he just really loves pink. [proof] We also decided that V-day was to be banned and that from that day on, DXH-day should take its place.

It’s a much more fabulous day because it’s about love for your friends, about listening to good music, about looking fabulous and of course about how Davey is totally a Divine Being who deserves a shrine of hot pink things ;) .

Now, the celebration of this day is just something silly between my friends and myself, but we’ve been doing this since 2004 and it’s always great fun! I like it waaay more than making it about commercialised ideas of love. Everyday of my life I get to make special for my love, but I have one day to make special for Davey. So that makes total sense! I also really really really hate the colour pink so my friends like watching me dress up and not hate this colour for one day of the year, haha. ^_^ The drinking and eating pink things is just extra fun, but wearing something pink is totally mandatory. It’s kind of hard for me since I don’t really own many pink things – and I don’t really want to, either – but that’s part of the fun!

Some things I have done to celebrate: dress up, eat cupcakes, watch AFI performances, spend time with friends, and of course: being fabulous!

I’ll be wearing pink and listening to AFI as well as a lot of other projects Davey is in like Blaqk Audio and XTRMST… I’m hoping I can share the love of all things Davey Havok and all things pink with my friends and loved ones! Sometimes that has to be done through having fabulous Skype sessions with my friends overseas with glorious AFI music playing in the background, while we toast our pink drinks!

What will you do?! ;) Let me know! Dress up with me and take pictures! Share the love :D ♡


  • Damiën

    I think it’s a great way to celebrate anything else than valentine’s day! I never liked V-day myself either because I think it’s nonsense to celebrate. Every day should be special with your loved one. I like your idea of having a Davey Havok day!

    And thank you for sharing that video, I loved it :D I’m currently now watching that entire show, fantastic ♥

    • Vief

      I think V-day is so commercialised, it takes the fun and spontaneity out of it! I’ve been bombarded with messages from media and shops for WEEKS and it’s so tiring, pfff. I do understand why people would like to celebrate though, but I also totally understand why a commercialised version of it isn’t fun and why people who feel ‘singled out’ [pardon the pun] really dislike the day.

      And ha, you’re welcome, glad you liked! And that whole show is really good indeed!! :D

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