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  • shiotadesu

    Aww I love your blog it’s awesome. I’m a fan of lolita fashion, sweet is what I would like to try but have yet to buy any dresses~Someday I hope!! Your so cute!

    • Vief

      ♡ Why thank you for your lovely comment! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it ^_^ And I hope you find the right sweet Lolita dresses for your taste!

    • Tamika

      Haii I love your blog lots and lots! It’s so adorable and amazing I am a huge fan, I also hope that one day I can find a meet up just like you guys since I’m the only Lolita I know in Leeds since I’m new to the scene
      >\\\\\\< I hope we can talk xx

      • Vief

        Hi Tamika, I can say, with 100% certainty, that you are not the only lolita in Leeds!
        You can totally talk to me, I know it can be quite overwhelming to start with the fashion so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot them my way.
        Also, thank you very much for the compliments ♡ that makes me very happy to hear! xo

    • Vief

      Hey Tom, in the mean time I have replied to you, but haven’t heard back yet. If you want to email me directly, that’s fine also! ^_^

    • Vief

      Welllll, dear Totally Not Michaela, the unicorns are hiding because of scary people like Michaela who keep bullying them and saying they are shit U_U It makes the unicorns very sad, so they prefer to stay up in the clouds and occasionally send revenge-poops at the bullies. Luckily for us, unicorns poop rainbows and I LOVE rainbows.

    • Vief

      Oh!!! (*/ω\*) C’est tellement gentil!! Ca me fait trop trop plaisir, merci beaucoup pour ce message! Merci de venir dire bonjour, ca me touche vraiment ce compliment. (´ ▽`).。o♡

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