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bridlington ♡ beach

Hello hi, it’s been a very crazy very busy two months, but I finally have energy to post something again. Sooooo, in June when I was still in the UK, Beccy offered to go to the seaside before I left (to go “see my people”), so we all dressed up in our Nightmare Rising sailor JSKs and had a fun day out!

Still the only time this year that I've been to the beach, come back sun please? I want to go again so badly (-。-;

It was my first time in Bridlington, and it was lovely! We enjoyed all the little seaside shops {amazing fabric shops! and candy, candy is a big thing near the sea} and the arcades of course, we did horse racing and that was so much fun! Each of us won something, we each got loom bands. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a craze with children all over the world, basically you get little rubber bands and you make bracelets by connecting them all. We also had lunch in the very cute little organic bakery where they had very nice vegan food, I had a yummy burger and a brownie for dessert! After this we strolled along the seaside and on the beach [shells, many shells, shells everywhere] and passed the cute pastel coloured houses… and many MANY many many dogs! Sooo many cute dogs!

I just wanna beee, swimmin' in the seeea~ {140614} arcade~

Most delicieus organic vegan food - wowowow

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✨Bridlington ✨ All tha cool kids are doing it~*~* ✨✨✨

I had a lovely lovely day even though it was very windy and a bit overcast, I think Bridlington is a gorgeous seaside town and I recommend it! ♡ Thank you girls for taking me !! ♡

Michaela & Beccy being cuties cutiepie

photo by michaelaphoto by Michaela~


JSK • Nightmare Rising by Rouge Aerie Designs ♡ Socks, cardigan, shoes • offbrand ♡ wristcuffs • AP ♡ parasol • Baby ♡ necklace • Taobao


I like that we all wore the same sailor dress! and still styled it differently. How cute is Michaela’s backpack!? and hat!? And Beccy ‘s beret and rocking horse shoes that are much nicer than mine… I wore my new mermaid necklace that Beccy helped me get from Taobao but I didn’t get a good picture of it. Ahh I ♡ love ♡ the sea! I want to go back!! ♡ ♡ ♡


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