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Ash & Vief ♡ twinning!

This post has probably been the most work I’ve put into something for no actual good reason other than I wanted to do it and it seemed fun. The idea certainly seemed a lot more fun before I had to trek through all my five hard disks in search of things, and in the mean time I also had the misfortune to discover that I’ve lost another month worth of photos [discovering that I have lost photos, to me, is quite upsetting.] – which happened to me before and really made me sad. But now that I’ve had a few moments to recover, I’m finally ready.

I am here to present to you a more-or-less complete overview of the times Ash and I have dressed up to match together. I say match because there are a few things in there that aren’t ‘perfect’ twinning, but I like them anyway.


It was quite a funny realisation after going through so many old photos that we’ve known each other for such a long time and only started twinning about a year and a bit after we met. We also really don’t always twin or match our outfits and it was quite nice to see what we’ve been wearing and how our styles changed over the years. I think sometime in the future I might do another one of these big posts with a select few [because otherwise I will die] of my own outfits and style changes over my Lolita ‘era’ that started in 2007. BUT that’s not why you’re here.

You’re here for ASH AND VIEF TWIN-TWINS PHOTO EXTRAVAGANZA 2010-2012 ™ – like I said, there are a LOT of photos. There are so many, I’ve split this post up into pages!


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February 2010, our first twin ever! We wore Innocent World’s Lotta print to a meet in Antwerp.

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At the end of February, we wore something Ero Lolita for the Emilie Autumn concert also in Antwerp. There’s a long and sad story about those corsets, but I won’t get into it. This was our first properly planned twin, I made the crinolines [and those tulle skirts you can’t see in this photo] and my bloomers and we got those corsets made juuust in time. It will be obvious that we really like red and white pairings, and that we also re-use things, but I don’t think there’s a shame in that, haha.

Paris trip, June-July 2010

The first weekend of July means Japan Expo in Paris! This was our first vacation together. :D


Wearing Baby’s L’oiseau Bleu in front of the Baby store on the day of arrival.


Our first day at Japan Expo: Metamorphose’s Apple print – we both really love this print and have multiple items of the series, haha.

VC100702 1 VC100702 2

Day 2 of Japan Expo: our outfits from February with different socks [no tights, because it’s HOT at JE] bows by Baby, cool sunglasses – we also really love those, haha – and no corsets. :(

VC100704 1

At the Angelic Pretty Tea Party, with Maki and Asuka who are twinning Fantasic Dolly. We weren’t twinning but matched anyway and I really really loved this day! I’m wearing AP’s Milky Berry and Ash is wearing AP’s Star Night Theatre.

Kera 2010

We made it into KERA magazine!  (●♡∀♡) [bottom right, we even got a bonus sunglasses~ picture haha]

At the Lolita Convention with our friend – I looove this photo haha. ♡ We are all so sassy!


The next day at the Convention Lolita with our friend Ada from the UK! We’re twinning Baby’s Mother Goose. Mother Goose is actually one of my dream prints and I look forward to doing a better twin of this in the future.

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  • Ann-Sophie Vermeylen

    Omg I’m gonna cry this leaves me with so much emotions!! We’ve come from so far, it’s so awesome to see the whole line-up!! You can really see we are improving and aahh just epic epic epic post! I hope to add way more twins with you in the future, love love love!! <3 <3 <3

    • Vief

      Let us both cry haha (╯︵╰,) But maybe not! Maybe let’s just focus on the happy times we will have together in the future!! So many hearts for you, my perfect Twin-Twin ♡ ♡ ♡

  • Mila de Blois

    That’s such an amazing post ! I’ve liked all your twinning coordinations since I saw them. You both are so gorgeous, and do super-duper-cute twinnings (even when you don’t wear the same dress, everything match so well that I don’t notice it at the first look). I hope I will be able to meet you two this year at the Paris events !

    • Vief

      Thank you very much for your comment and sweet compliments!! I feel very flattered (◡‿◡✿), and yes it would be nice to meet you in Paris! I’m looking forward to it. (“⌒∇⌒”)

  • Anne

    Doet bijna pijnnnn zo cuuute! En ik ben stik jaloers op jullie Rilakkuma mutsjes <3

    • Vief

      Nawwwww Anneee (*/∇\*)making me blush!
      ♡ volgende keer dat ik naar Japan gaa [alleen weet ik niet wanneer dat is, lol] neem ik eentje voor je mee!

  • Damiën

    Whaaa superleuk om al jullie outfits samen te zien ♥ Was vast heel veel werk om alle foto’s allemaal samen te stellen maar dat is het wel waard toch ^^

  • Avina "Lana" Rose

    Oh my goodness this was absolutely perfect! I love seeing how you all kept twinning through the years! Your friendship is something I definitely admire. *A* Thank you for sharing!

  • Rosalynn

    I really love every single outfit! You always manage to look so flawless together! I remember I always looked at your pictures and then one day I actually got to meet you girls! I was so happy~!

    • Vief

      ♡ Thank you for your sweet comment, that really makes me blush! It was so nice meeting you! Hopefully we’ll meet again!

  • Theo Coskun

    Very impressive pictorial story.
    Seeing both of you dressed up at Christmas dinner made the dinner still more amazing.
    We love to see both of you back in Rotterdam very soon….when will it be?

  • Laura Dronne

    Thank you for this long post full of cuteness, friendship and pretty coords ♥

    You two look great ! I love all your twinings and matching coords ! They’re so colorful and full of details !

  • Jen

    ❤️ The first time I saw you both you were twinning Dreaming Macaron at hyper Japan, by coincidence I was wearing the same print. You both looked totally amazing and I was super shy to speak to you, but you were both super loverly and I got a pic together with us all wearing the same print. It made me so happy even tho your outfits looked miles better it inspired me to try harder, you are both the best Lolita twins.
    Who would have thought years later I would get to go hang out in Paris and go to the AP tea party and expo with you! Stay magical.

    • Vief

      Awww thanks for your lovely comment Jen! <3 You are also always magical and I love when you and Andie match with each other! You inspire me equally, you're such a cool person and great Lolita! and hanging out in Paris was so funnnn, I hope we can do it again sometime! xoxo

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