frequently used words and names

AP: acronym for Angelic Pretty, my favourite Lolita brand. They specialise in Sweet Lolita.

Baby / BtSSB: both refer to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, another Sweet Lolita brand.

Boxel: My word for Brussels. Because Bruxelles or Brussel or Brussels just isn’t fun enough. Boxel is really fun to say. Try it ;)

brand / burando: In the fashion world, there is brand: the established fashion houses, and anything they come up with. Then there is off-brand: anything that isn’t from a specific designer or label. “Burando” is a lolita way of saying brand, mostly jokingly.

coord/coordinate: an outfit of items that are coordinated to go together.

Davey: Well, Davey isn’t exactly a word but a person, but in case you didn’t really figure it out, when Davey is used as ‘substitute’ for a deity, it’s still the person I’m talking about. So phrases such as “Oh my Davey” and “for Davey’s sake” are not mocking him. I am simply being the fangirl I am.
Refers to Davey Havok, who is the lead singer for AFI, amongst many other very fabulous things.

Davey Havok Day is a holiday when we celebrate his Awesomeness.

IW: Short for Innocent World, a Classic Lolita brand that I absolutely love!

JSK: short for Jumperskirt. The simplest way of explaining a JSK is that it is a dress without sleeves. But since it usually has straps [or a halter neck] it is needed to wear a blouse underneath.

M’onkeys: Antwerp is Antwerpen in Dutch, shortened to A’pen. The dutch word apen, literally translates as monkeys. So my clever wife [see below] and I figured that we could just call Antwerpen M’onkeys with the apostrophe.

MMMMuffin: The little muffins that I draw, are called mmmmuffins with 4 m’s. Mmmuffins are Martian Murderous Mutating Muffins, they came from Mars, were bewitched and then started to mutate into murderous muffins heading for Earth. I thought them up one day and have been drawing since. They constantly change looks, but that’s the nature of a mutating organism, no? There are MMMMs with legs, some look like animals [cats, elephants, bats even] and some have clothes on, some have teeth, some can fly, etc.
The good thing about the MMMMs is that they can also mutate into being less murderous, then they’ll just become magical.

off-brand: When something is not brand, it’s off-brand. [see brand]

OMD: acronym for Oh My Davey [see Davey]

OP: stands for One Piece, the Japanese word for dress. OPs differ from JSKs in the way that they have sleeves, so one doesn’t need to wear a blouse underneath an OP.

OTK: Over The Knee, this refers to socks! Socks can be knee length, under the knee, or over the knee. The most common type is over the knee.

photo by Kitch

OTT: Over The Top, referring to, well, anything really!

Roffa: A term of endearment for Rotterdam, the city I come from.

Shark / shark week: I struggle with my mental health, and sometimes refer to this with specific terminology. Dogs are often used a metaphor for depression. I’ve had some type of mood disorder for a long time and at some point I noticed a lot of my troubles get aggravated during a certain point in my menstrual cycle and started calling this my “shark week”. [It kinda makes a bad experience sound a little bit more fun.]  I started calling my shark a shark a couple of years ago, before I knew of the dog allegory. While the dog imagery is really fitting, I decided to stick to my shark. It fits me better. I’m a creature of the sea, after all.

My shark is friendly a lot of the time, but you don’t know how sharp their teeth are until you get too close. The thing is, my shark is unpredictable, sometimes hurts me, sometimes hurts others. Mostly my shark is a shark because they usually take over for a longer period of time [shark week! ] and they are aggravated by the smell of blood. Which is probably a shark myth, so here’s an article with cool things about sharks to make up for my mistakes. Let it be known that I love sharks, and I have learned to love my shark. I continue to try and train my shark. If you’re nice to my shark, if you take good care of them, they are mostly harmless. Don’t be scared of sharks!

SxE / sxe: straight edge. The X in between the letters most likely stems from its roots in hardcore. Hardcore is abbreviated hxc because of visuals like this. One reads top down and then left to right: New York Hard Core. However, the X is also significant because it’s the universal symbol of the Straight Edge movement, often in trios like XXX or xXx.
Straight edge is a lifestyle in which one doesn’t smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs. [Wikipedia]

TP: Tea Party. This refers to either an actual event, or a type of shoes.

twin / twinning: In Lolita, if two girls wear the same dress or similar coordinates, this is called ‘twinning’ – for obvious reasons.

Twin-twin: My friend Ash and I really like twinning, we call each other Twin-twin.

wife: My friend Kate is my wife, and I am hers. As it should be!

xvx / xVx: abbreviation of straight edge vegan. The x’s are taken from traditional xXx abbreviation [see sxe] and the way some people will surround anything with x’s to signify its straight-edge-ness. [e.g. band names either like xbandx or bandXname or even xbandXnamex] The v stands for vegan.

{photo by Kitch <3 }

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