I’m a fangirl and a hoarder

I have quite a bit of an obsessive personality, but hopefully I’m using my fangirling hoarding powers for fun stuff rather than going overboard. Below is an overview of things I really really like more than other things in this world. From music to unicorns: things that make me happy!

A is for Alkaline Trio & AFI & Anti-Flag & Alexisonfire

I have quite a few favourite bands, I guess you can read more about that on the music page… Bands, music and concerts are very important to me! I just think it’s funny that so many of my favourite bands start with an A. XD

B is for Baths & Bubbles

BATHS! I loooove love love taking baths! Especially paired with a nice bath bomb or bubble bar. I can sit in a soothing, nicely smelling bubbly baths for literally hours.

C is for Cameras & Concerts

I have a lot of love for cameras. They are like magic boxes to me. You fill them with film and you do magic things to them and then with the power of light, BAM, you get a photographic image. That said, I also have love for non-film cameras. And photobooths [see below]. I will never get tired of cameras and photography… ever.

Concerts are the best way to experience music. I especially like concerts where you can get close to bands, close to other people, dance, jump, have fun! Sitting in an arena doesn’t appeal to me much. Festivals are a different scenario, they allow you to experience live music in different ways. I actually really like live music in general, even (maybe especially) if it’s just in a basement of a pub somewhere.

D is for Davey Havok & Disney

Davey is the lead singer in AFI and Blaqk Audio, and he also makes clothes. Davey is awesome, end of story. He’s the reason I say “Oh my Davey” and the person we celebrate on Davey Day. THANK DAVEY FOR DAVEY! Oh, and he’s been the Sexiest veg[etari]an of the Year for several times now. Congrats!

Disney has a lot of things that I love. There are a lot of downsides to Disney as a corporation but I just can’t help but LOVE a lot of their animated movies, characters, shorts and music. Of course, Disneyland is one of my favourite places to be ;D I very much love dressing up when going to Disneyland with my Twin-Twin, for example the multiple times we dressed up as Mike & Sulley from Monsters Inc! Including the time we went on the Disney Run, obviously.

Disney summer 2013 © A

F is for Fashion & Fruit & FOOODDD

I’ve always taken interest in fashion, whether through finding my own style, creating things or taking photographs… There’s just always something new to be found. I like going through the pages of fashion magazines and finding inspiration. Fruit speaks for itself, it’s yummy! Same for food. Vegan food, especially vegan pizza. Stuff it in my face, please.

G is for Games

Playing games with friends and family is one of my favourite things to do in the world. Especially now that we’re running regular Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and I get to escape real life and pretend I’m on a magical adventure. I love it!

H is for Hair

I’m not talking about the musical here, I’m talking about actual hair. I’m obsessed with it. I can’t seem to just have hair. I need to do something with my hair. My hair hasn’t been in its ‘natural state’ for yeaaars, I bleach and dye it, put fake hair in it, wear wigs, etc… My hair obsession will probably never end.

I is for Instagram and Instant photography

Yes, I’m obsessed and addicted, come find me on Instagram!! Also, instant photos are the beeesttt, and I love my Fuji Instax Mini 25 super duper much. ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

J is for Jellyfish and Jinbesan

Okay, so, my ultimate favourite animals are rays, but jellyfish and sharks are close. Fish are friends, and jellyfish are like magical glow friends that are super super super pretty.

Move over Hello Kitty, make way for Jinbesan! Jinbe is the San-X character of this cute, chill, whaleshark. His best friends are a whale calf, an octopus and a ray. Perfect.

K is for Kawaii~*

It’s probably obvious. I love a lot of things that are considered kawaii [wiki] – the Japanese word for cute, adorable. And if I have something that is boring and I don’t like it, I probably try to make it more kawaii.

L is for Lolita Fashion & Linguistics

Lolita is sometimes viewed as a fashion, sometimes a subculture. For me, it’s very much a part of life. I don’t want to confine myself to one style, I like the fashion as a whole! Sweet, classic, gothic, I can be inspired by so many styles! Lolita helped me experiment in fashion and helped me to express myself. I’ve also made some great friends through the fashion! I currently wear it a lot less, but every time I do, it still feels very special.

Yeah, yeah, I have to say it… I am also obsessed with Linguistics. I mean, you have to be, to have studied it! Linked to this are languages, I like learning new languages. [Which is not the same as Linguistics ;) ]

M is for Mermaids & Mint & Muffins & Musicals & My Little Pony

Pretty much everything about mermaids is awesome. They are beautiful and they live in the sea and oh yeah I don’t wanna discriminate, I like all kind of merfolk, not just the girls. I have this dream to one day own a mermaid tail and be able to swim like a mermaid and get close to all the prettiest sea creatures ꒰♡˃̶̤́ ॢ꒳ ॢ˂̶̤̀ ꒱·◌*.♡

Mint-coloured things are my absolute weakness. Together with turquoise, and lavender, it’s my favourite colour. Muffins are fun to draw and eat. I draw them as weird characters with a strange backstory, and I even have one of those tattooed on my arm.

I can obsess over musicals in quite an extreme manner sometimes. I’m not obsessed with all musicals ever but I really enjoy going to see a show, or a movie, and sometimes I will see a show multiple times, I have no shame.

I collect My Little Ponies because they are colourful and fun. Although I have to say, the older generations are my favourite and I’m not too big a fan of the newer ponies.

P is for Photobooths and Plants

Whatever the time, whatever the place, whatever the type of booth: I love me some photobooth! It’s always fun to be in one! Even though the purikura-booth and resulting picture is the epitome of all things photobooth, I don’t discriminate.

photobooth images of BMO and BMO in Berlin

I am a proud plant parent! I have acquired quite the collection over the years. I love going to pop up plant sales and am always on the hunt for those rare, beautiful and otherwise joy-sparking green beauties.

R is for Rays & Roller Derby/Roller Skating & Running

Not many people ever guess my favourite animal on the first try, but it’s definitely all types of rays. I have been obsessed since I was about seven years old. It is still my dream to swim with rays some day. They’re just such amazing animals! *O*/

Roller derby is a pretty freaking awesome sport! There’s no ball involved, just kick-ass people on quad skates working really hard and doing amazing moves. I started participating in September 2014 [after uhm-ing and aah-ing for like, 4 years] and it is one of the best things to have happened to me. It’s very intense and definitely involves sweat and tears because practice is 3 times a week, but it’s worth it. If you have no idea what it is, I suggest you check out a team in your area and go to a bout. It’s really cool to experience roller derby in real life.

I know, I never would have guessed this when I was younger, either. But running, especially long distance running, is another sport I have taken up and fell in love with in the last couple of years! I have ran a couple of half marathons, the highlights being the ones in Disneyland… And I finally completed my first full marathon in 2021! Running is the time where I get to let go of all my worries and anxieties, and just enjoy the outdoors.

S is for Sharks & Socks & Sustainability

Third time mentioning it on this page, but sharks are some of my favourite animals. They are just too freaking badass. My derby name is Sparkle Shark for a reason. I identify with sharks a lot: I’m always on the move, I love the ocean, I have endless rows of sharp teeth-wait… Anyway. Sharks are the best, and definitely need a better reputation. So, spread that shark love!

I have so many socks and tights, I needed an intervention! I don’t know why or how I got so many! Ah! But I love them!!

I know this page is for all my obsessions and how much of a hoarder I am… like collecting ponies and other stuff… but I’m also pretty obsessed with doing with less stuff. I’ve started my journey to become single use plastic free in July of 2017, and put a lot of effort into making conscious and sustainable choices when it comes to living my life. Eating plantbased is part of that, but that’s not all. I know I still have a long way to go, and I hope to inspire others by sharing my journey!

T is for Tattoos & Tea & TV series

I have more than a few tattoos myself, and I follow lots of tattoo artists and blogs. I’m continuously thinking and planning new tattoos, haha. It’s really true, they are addictive.

Tea is also magical, but it doesn’t hurt as much. It warms your heart. If you don’t drink tea, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I have it first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to sleep. I love tea so much, my friends and I started a SocieTEA for tea lovers at the Leeds University Union.

There are too many TV series that I obsess over to list here. I tried it before, but it felt like cheating. (⌯˃̶᷄ ᴗ̂ ॣ˂̶᷄⌯ั) I have this app that tells me I have spent more than two months of my life watching TV shows. Let me tell you, I have zero regrets.

U is for Unicorns

Unicorns will always be better than bears. They’re associated with superpowers, rainbows, glitters, sparkles, some even fly… How can those epic beings be any less than amazing?! Exactly.


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