room for thought ♡ october 2015

Time passes by too quickly! I can’t handle it. Here’s my october with many many selfies. Because why not?

Luckily, I can tell where a picture was taken and what was happening when looking at a selfie. Don’t believe me? Let’s try!


Row 1: 3 selfies: At the very start of October, Normal Guy and I went to the UK for Beccy&Mat’s wedding. The first selfie is us when we just arrived in the UK and the one with the cupcake is at the wedding where there were delicious vegan cupcakes! The top right one is with Becka when we spent a lovely day in Leeds with her.
Row 2: 2 selfies: The next row is me pulling a silly face next to a picture of us on the plane going back! Normal Guy looks so happy and cute there, haha. The story is actually we were sad to leave the UK but happy it let us, because the day before the plane had left without us! It was a bit of a hassle to get a new ticket and a whole detour via Manchester but in the end we had fun on this adventure, haha.
Row 3: on the bus on our way to London again! It was a last-minute trip to go see Benedict Cumberbatch!
Row 4: o!m!d! we! saw! Benedict! live!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ This was taken at the Barbican theatre, right after the show.
Row 5: me in my hoodie trying to hide from the world [taken at home]
Row 6: yay we’re seeing each other again after so long [taken at home]
Row 7: me being sick in bed [taken at home]

These posts are not PMA worthy without me mentioning things that made me happy this month, so, here goes:

  • BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH LIVE OH MY GLOB! okay, this clearly deserves its own post. stay tuned.
  • ♥ wedding ♥! it was so magical to be part of that moment ♡ ♡ ♡ and so much fun to see my friends again and oh my, the photo booth was just a hit! congrats again, Beccy & Mat!


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  • I was not happy that the plane gave us hassle, I’m not going to lie. However, I AM really happy that this brought Normie and I closer together. It’s really weird but traveling together has always been very hassle free in terms of us getting on with each other and wanting to do or see things. Which is great, you know how it’s always a bit tricky to go on a trip with someone? Even this blip was not really anything that one of us did, just unfortunate circumstances… but I was glad that he was there because I would’ve reacted much differently if I was alone. It’s going to sound really cliché and boring but I am really grateful that we can support each other in moments like this. It’s not fun to be in a different country and your plane has left and there is no other plane until the next day – it is not the end of the world either, but you have to get through some tough moments to make things right again and it was a bit scary for the both of us, I think. I’ve had many train and bus travel issues before, but with planes things usually go smoothly. So this was disappointing, but I’m gonna look back with a positive attitude that it taught me something,
  • we went bowling with our class and I didn’t even lose. I hadn’t gone bowling in aaaages, so that was fun!
  • getting to see a bit of Utrecht and Rotterdam when my cousin from France visited, including the Keith Haring exhibition The Political Line. I thought it was very good! I’ve been a bit of a Haring fangirl since I was young, and been to a few exhibitions in my life, but there was still work I hadn’t seen. Very nice.
  • trips by coach are not happy moments. I wouldn’t recommend them at all, to be honest. But I have to give a shoutout to our driver on the way back. Again, for some reason, the UK doesn’t want us to leave, so we almost didn’t make it out… there were many delays and anxious moments, coach broke down [we actually had to get off and get on to a new one! aah! O_O;; ] but Eurolines have been nice about it, so hopefully we will get our money back. fingers crossed.
  • goood vegan fooood! (✿◠‿◠) We had delish burritos in Leeds again, Indian Veg in London again, and some delicious vegan junk food from Vegan Cross, ugh, someone, take me back. I swear, vegan food is the best happy-maker. also, we had delicious vegan Chinese when Normal Guy’s mum had her birthday~ There’s a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Rotterdam and they do delicious vegan ‘meats’ oohhhh so good. we also had homemade vegan pizza this month~ to be honest food is on my list of things that make me happy every day, every week, all year long
  • tsum tsum!!! I love the game [I’m addicted, ahhh] and the little plushies! for now, Normal Guy and I have separate little collections haha, I can’t wait until we can add them all up and stack them as high as we can!
  • seeing friends, and a bit of London in such a short time ♡♡ And also, LUSHHHHH – if you haven’t been yet, the Lush flagship store on Oxford Street is so so so soooo amazing. I love me some Lush, and that place is just heaven for any Lush fan!
  • ✨?✨THE UNICORN EMOJI THAT FINALLY CAME TO IPHONE ✨?✨   {it was worth waiting for. I use it all the time. best! emoji!! ✨?}
  • seeing Anti-Flag!! Normal Guy and I won tickets to go see them on our anniversary, and it was the bestest date! A-F shows always make me happy and excited, the show was amazing and I was so happy to be able to share that with the person who makes me happiest, on a date that is special to us 

🖕october 27, 2015🖕 🎵 I lost my baby to a foreign war 🎵

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  • I wasn’t very happy when I was sick and tired this month [all the bed pictures are a hint], and I was also really sad I didn’t get to celebrate Halloween the way I would’ve liked to, but I started writing a physical journal again which is nice, and found some quiet moments drawing again, which I hadn’t done in ages

All in all, a lot of memorable things happened this October! The weather definitely got colder, leaves started falling, but onwards we go, towards the darker months, and then towards new things! Hope you liked this post! If you liked the pictures, follow me on instagram, I update it way more than this


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