room for thought ♡ december 2014

Why yes, with all this phone business [I will spare the details, but I was walking around with more than 3 iphones for a period of time in October – November 2014] I got a bit caught up with my Room for Thought stuff, but I’ve finally gotten around to compiling all the December photos, so why not make another PMA post? Like the one I did for September ^_^

overview RFT 1412
December meant my birthday had passed, more regular tutoring jobs, cycling all around Rotterdam, derby practice, DERBY WORLD CUP!!!. Sinterklaas, unicorn onesies, mermaid leggings, starting a new job, christmas trees, christmas sweaters, christmas dinners, Adventure Time Munchkin, cat sleepovers, happy sundays and fake bubbles for New Year’s Eve! boom!

I was particularly happy that

  • I had a successful interview and finally got some regular employment
  • we got to see the pretty sights at China Light in Utrecht, and afterwards had some delicious vegan food at Gys
  • I got to wear AP’s Wonder Queen for Nice Dress Day (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
  • we went on a Christmas Sweater Pub Crawl through Rotterdam
  • watched Santas vs Elves scrimmage and ate some more ♡ vegan kibbeling ♡ in Den Haag
  • I got some new gear too, and crocheted toe caps with the help of this tutorial
  • we celebrated Christmas!!! which I freaking loooveeeee (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧! perfect time to watch RENT, and The Grinch (✿◠‿◠)
  • and of course, yummy Christmas dinners, three days in a row. Dutch people say they don’t like Christmas but secretly they do!
  • my dearest twin-twin came to Rotterdam with her lover (。♥‿♥。) and it was sooo good to see them again!
  • I bought a lottttt of amazing smelling goodies in the Lush sale~ ♡
  • there was snow!!! for three nanoseconds… ♡ ♡
  • I finally came along with Normal Guy to the cat shelter, and helped him take home the cutest 6 month old kitten ♡_♡/
  • I skyped my dearies in Leeds 。◕ ‿ ◕。 on the last day of the year ♡
  • on that day I also ate some vegan oliebollen, drank some alcohol free bubbly drinks and said goodbyyyyeeeee to 2014!

I really like December for its pretty lights and yummy food and good company. I dislike December for the cold, rain and bad memories. However, this year, it was more good than bad and I’m so happy for that. Pfoooo!!! That’s what PMA is about, isn’t it! Keeping our heads up in the cold and dark and poopy times. Anyway, I’ll see you soon enough for my January post. Hugs! ♡


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