lush ♡ pumpkin gift

Let’s start the Lushoween 2016 reviews with my favourite: the pumpkin gift!


The 🎃 pumpkin gift 🎃 is a cute little pumpkin smiling at you, waiting for you to open it up and see what’s inside. Who can resist that smile?

So, let’s unwrap and take a look at all the fabulous bath products inside this cutie:


From left to right, we have: Lord of Misrule bath bomb, Boo bath melt, Pumpkin bath bomb and the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar.

It’s a good mix of bath products. Two really cool bath bombs and the ultra sparkly reusable bubble bar as well as an adorable little bath melt. They are almost too cute to use, aren’t they? [Then again, which Lush product isn’t?!] My Boo got a bit smudged by the colourful companions but that won’t affect the use, he just looks like he’s having a blast partying and dancing close to the others, haha! They all have very autumn appropriate smells and colours, and I think it’s nice to have different types of bath products together.


Sparkly Pumpkin is soooo sparkly! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Yessss. I didn’t manage to get my hands on this one last year, so I am extra happy I got one this time around.

I think this collection of products goes really well together. You can mix up Pumpkin, which is new this year, with the Sparkly Pumpkin, to have extra pumpkin goodness. Because who doesn’t love pumpkin goodness? Pumpkins are just so great. I think many people agree and that’s why this is just such a good gift! Now you can have your love for pumpkins in your bath tub and it’s wrapped in another, bigger pumpkin! ?

Now, obviously you could get all these products individually, but then you would miss out on the cool knot wrap. This particularly spooky-cute one is made in India from organic cotton. The orange is super bright and I got it mostly because I thought it would be a great accessory for many Halloweens to come and because it contrasts so well with my hair, as I intend to wear it on my head!

? ?

The orange contrasts really nicely with my new purple hair, and the green leaves of the pumpkin make a cute little bow. I think this a cute wrap to show your Halloween spirit or pumpkin love (or both in one!) without being tacky or too much. Now, I am not sure I am the right person to judge when things are too much, but sshhh.

The one thing that disappoints me is that you can’t easily get the full pumpkin face to show when you want to wrap this around your head. I had to go without the mouth, and I can imagine someone going for just the eyes. But at that point it won’t be eyes anymore, just triangles on an orange scarf… kind of a bummer. Of course, you can use this for decoration or around your neck or something completely different, with the whole face showing if you want to, so this is not really a big deal. I am sure I can find many different uses for my cutie pumpkin! The material is really nice, warm for autumn and it’s plenty big!

? ?

Enjoy the bonus picture of me looking really tiny, hahaha. I decided to review the contents separately so that brings me to the end of this review! All in all, if you were going to get these Halloween bath products for a pumpkin lover [and you can’t argue with the contents, they’re must haves for the Halloween Lush fan], you should just go next level and get it all in this cute wrap! It will keep their heads as well as their hearts warm, with love for pumpkins, and of course for you, the giver of such an awesome gift Or maybe you’re getting this pumpkin gift for yourself, and why wouldn’t you! Treat yourself!! Treat yourself to all the pumpkin goodness. If you were going to go with a Halloween gift this year, this one is the one. Hope you enjoy it!

🎃 Pumpkin Gift 🎃

contents: Lord of Misrule bath bomb ; Pumpkin bath bomb ; Boo bath melt ; Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar [all vegan!]

organic cotton knot wrap printed and woven in India ; recycled paper inside ; eco flo filling [compostable!]


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