Aahhhhh! Finally finally I have managed to upload more vlogmas... I had difficulties with my laptop on the weekend of the 5th and 6th, so on the 7th I had the genius idea to 'fix' it and instead I broke it. I have been laptopless for over a week now! Booo!!The good news is I have kept on … Continue reading


https://youtu.be/AJJk5d6RnSsTHIS TOOK WAY TOO LONG to edit and upload. :( My phone has not been nice to me this weekend! But it's here, it's finally here, the most chaotic and longest day in a vlog so far~ This was also the day I incorporated a Christmas jumper into a Lolita outfit {see … Continue reading


Hey hooooo it's a bit late in the day because this day has been insane [just wait for the next vlog -of today- to see why] but here it issss! VLOGMAS DAY 3!!! I am really enjoying doing these so far, hope you like watching them! Let me know if you do, with a thumbs up or a comment … Continue reading


HAPPY DECEMBER! I'm pretending that I am not drowning in work and deadlines and decided to do a fun little vlogging project. It's called vlogmas and basically it means you vlog every day until Christmas. Sounds fun, right? I need to get more confident in blogging and I wanted to do more 'as I go' … Continue reading
photo by Rosalynn H

impossible ♡ list

I was inspired to make an Impossible List because I wanted to motivate myself into getting things done (I got the idea from college info geek - he has some real cool resources that might be helpful, but I have to say he got the idea for the list from another guy, haha). You may know the concept … Continue reading

January 1

Why hello.It's 2015 now. I wrote something on December 31st, 2013 - something long, something sad. It was tough to write... The support I got was overwhelming, and everybody who has been with me over the last year, I thank you so, so much. Things have changed tremendously from that moment until … Continue reading
photo by michaela

bridlington ♡ beach

Hello hi, it's been a very crazy very busy two months, but I finally have energy to post something again. Sooooo, in June when I was still in the UK, Beccy offered to go to the seaside before I left (to go "see my people"), so we all dressed up in our Nightmare Rising sailor JSKs and had a fun day … Continue reading