post-breakup thoughts.

[[these are my final thoughts on this mess of a year that I wrote in a document whenever I was near my computer, which isn't very often lately... there are probably good things that happened this year. I haven't been in the mood to focus on them. maybe some other time. in the mean time, thanks for … Continue reading
pumpkin gift

lush ♡ pumpkin gift

Let's start the Lushoween 2016 reviews with my favourite: the pumpkin gift!The ? pumpkin gift ? is a cute little pumpkin smiling at you, waiting for you to open it up and see what's inside. Who can resist that smile? :DSo, let's unwrap and take a look at all the fabulous bath products … Continue reading

glitch & shark ♡ bagels

HEYA 2016! How are you doing??? I am doing pretty poorly, as is usual in January, because no matter where you live or study, January means EXAM TIME! I mean, if you're a student. If you're not a student then January doesn't mean exam time. But for me, over the last... million years or so, January … Continue reading