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I was inspired to make an Impossible List because I wanted to motivate myself into getting things done (I got the idea from college info geek – he has some real cool resources that might be helpful, but I have to say he got the idea for the list from another guy, haha). You may know the concept of a bucket list. Some people even have those on their websites! That’s cool. But an impossible list is different from a bucket list, because a bucket list is filled with “things I maybe hope will happen in the future” and that you’re not really focussed on happening now.

Hi sweetiecakes!!! Longggg time no see on this blog! So, here’s a video from a week ago after I went to the beach. Hope you enjoy it!

If you have any experiences with having blue (or purple, or green, or whatever) hair, funny anecdotes, discrimination, names you’ve been called… Let me know! We should support each other hahaha! (⑅˃̵౪˂̵⑅)

Anyway, hope to see you again soon!